I'm a former Graphics Editor for National Geographic Magazine, a researcher in terrain representation and communication of volcanic hazards using maps, and a freelance cartographer, illustrator, and animator for various media and venues, including science textbooks, magazines, and criminal trials. I have a masters degree in Geography from Oregon State University and a bachelors degree in Geology from California State University, Stanislaus.

My greatest interest is in volcanology but I have a fascination with all the sciences, and enjoy passing on what I've learned. In my work, I do this by taking complex concepts and finding ways to present them visually in a way that is accessible to the widest audience possible, while hopefully showing people sides of a topic that aren't usually covered in most depictions of a phenomenon.

As a cartographer, I specialize in terrain representation, where I use my background in science and my experience as a 3D animator to produce maps that retain the depth cues that people expect from real terrains, thereby preserving some of the spatial sense that is otherwise lost when presenting a 3D scene on a 2D page or screen.