I am a cartographer, geologist, and 3D artist. I was a Graphics Editor for National Geographic Magazine, and I now work as a freelancer specializing in science visualization and terrain representation. I create illustrations, interactive diagrams, animations, 2D maps, and 3D perspective maps. A selection of my work is shown below. Please contact me if you are interested in my services.

National Geographic: Print

These are the magazine maps that I've created for National Geographic Magazine. I still perform freelance work for National Geographic and will continue updating this section.

National Geographic: Online/Interactive

research, academic, and personal projects

These are examples of maps and graphics I've produced as part of my academic career; they were made for research papers, classwork, and my own experimentation in cartography.


Meteorology Today/Essentials of Meteorology

I started my illustration career working on these two textbook series by C. Donald Ahrens and, recently, Bob Henson. They are now in their 11th and 8th editions, respectively.

Animations for Criminal and civil trials

Due to non-disclosure agreements and court orders, I can't post any actual content for this work, but I produce animations for prosecution teams around the US. These are usually homicide or manslaughter cases, and my work generally involves modeling the victim and their organs to show external and internal injuries, recreating the crime scene from police photos, and animating plausible mechanisms of injury and death that are consistent with the injuries shown and the context of the crime scene.